The Trump Card: Japan’s Lopsided Trade With The U.S.


Recently I was on vacation in the sunny state of Florida, while Abe was sharing quality time with Trump in Palm Beach, and thereafter Melbourne. I was in both cities during Abe’s trip.

On the last day in February 2017, Trump gave a speech to congress, reiterating much of what he has campaigned for. An ugly wall erected between the U.S. and Mexican border, which won’t stop anyone that who wants to get across or under it. Trump talked about better schools, better streets, better bridges, and reiterated that Americans will have “The Best.” I’ve heard that line of jargon my entire life.

Below is a video of Trump’s entire congressional speech.

From my perspective, better schools, better streets and bridges are not what America has ever really been about. Americana has always been about sucking the tit of the working class, until that tit became a dried out husk. One such example is where my 82-year-old mother continues to pay 27% taxation, even though she hasn’t been employed for nearly 20 years, while Trump and nearly every billionaire member of his cabinet, continue to pay none.

At the end of Trump’s speech, while walking around and shaking hands with his enemies, one member of congress asked, “How did you do in golf against the Japanese prime minister?” Trump responded by stating, “He was terrific. A quality man. Nice people, nice people.”

The truth is Abe has spent a significant amount of time in American since Trump became president because he fears the tariffs that Trump has threatened foreign nations with.  This is supposed to provide better arrangements for American interests, the working people, and all of that. 

Abe, who has a shitting disease, and shits himself by his own estimate, approximately 30 times a day, must have doubled his load during those days.

“… terrific. Nice people, nice people.” There is nothing terrific, or especially nice about Shinzo Abe. The Japanese prime ministry is about as likable as Trump is. There is also nothing terrific, or nice about Abe’s cabinet, who are all associated in some way or another with Nippon Kaigi, a secretive, hateful and racist organization that is financed by the Shinto Cult, and other right-wing lunatic fringe groups.

Why is it that American presidents always seem to get bamboozled by Japanese politicians? Why is it that America always comes up on the short end of any dealings with that nation?

Abe has proven himself an incompetent leader. He abruptly retired during Japan’s pension scandal due to constantly shitting himself. Abe openly hates America, the American people, and the American way of life, as well as Japan’s constitution, written by American lawyers, which Abe has publicly stated was imposed on Japan to humiliate the Japanese people. Abe constantly refers to the Japanese constitution as a doctrine imposed on Japan. But, the fact is the constitution was approved by 2/3 of both houses, with Abe’s own grandfather, a former prime minister supporting it.

Constitutional mandates, such as Free Speech, Equal Protection, Freedom of Association, are what Abe really hates, and what he and his Nippon Kaigi pals refer to as humiliating. The concepts of these important fundamental rights remain as alien to the Japanese today, as they did some 70 years ago. This twisted mentality is exactly why Japan must remain an occupied nation, and should not be permitted to engage in any military activities ever again.

It must be stated that all of the fundamental rights stated above are slated to be scrapped from Japan’s constitution, if Abe, Nippon Kaigi and the Shinto Cult who support that group have their way. Imagine having no individual human rights, and having to ask the Japanese government to approve your group right, such as protesting against illegal government activities? This may well be the future of Japan’s people. Is this an interest that America proscribes to, regarding democratic principles? The constitutional changes mentioned herein, pale the shock of Article 9 reinterpretations.

Why is it that American politicians, including Donald Trump claim they represent America’s interests, while they rally around slogans such as, “Make America Great Again” yet continue to be bamboozled by the Japanese who continue to flood the American market with inferior goods, and place one of the most significant roles in destroying American productivity?

I’ve lived in Japan a decade. Hopefully, not much longer, but that is another story entirely. Nearly every product I have purchased in the past decade comes from the west, including electronic goods, computers, cell phones, clothing, even food. Even my rice cooker came from Canada, as it was manufactured in a quality that is far superior to any overpriced product intended for the same purpose. A 60,000 ¥ rice cooker in Japan can only cook rice. My 89.00 dollar Instant Pot was not only stainless steel with no plastic items coming in contact with food, but is also makes yogurt, soups, breads and stews.

Go into any Japanese electronic store, or shopping mall and wander up and down any isle. You would be hard pressed to find any product manufactured in the U.S. Trade with Japan and the U.S. is extremely lopsided. This must end for the betterment of the American people, or there will be no one left to pay the excessive taxes, which are not used to benefit those that attend schools, or use the roads to drive upon.

In August of 2009, only 192 Fords and 63 Chevrolets were sold in Japan according to the Japanese Association of Automobile Importers. And over the last decade, the import of American goods has actually gotten worse. Much worse!

In 2008, Chevrolet sold one vehicle in Japan for every 1,300 Toyotas sold in the U.S. Ford sold 2,500 vehicles in Korea last year, compared to nearly 330,000 Hyundai and Kia vehicles imported to the U.S.

While Korea and Japan claim they no longer restrict U.S. imports, they do put up barriers, said Chris Vitale, president of a Michigan-based group, “For all intents and purposes, the Japanese market is closed to everyone,” Vitale said. “No one gets a foothold.”

China is another story. GM sells about 150,000 cars a year in China. The prospect of the growth of American products sold in China is staggering, yet Trump continues to propagate the same fake policies that the predecessors he so publicly claims to hate engage in. This, while America continues to sanction Russia, and Iran, and block the flow of goods to those nations, costing Americans billions in annual revenue. Instead, we see the same isolationist policies and hate rhetoric regarding, China, Russia, and Iran continue as if Washington had not just been stunned by Trump’s election. It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Japan Auto Sales.png

Most American politicians repeat the mantra of fear mongering against Iran, claiming that nation is the number one supporter of terrorism in the world. Why are these rants tolerated when everyone knows that this is the continuation of fake politics, fake media reporting, and mere political propaganda? The entire world populace knows that the number one and two supporters of terrorism are the Saudis, and the U.S. itself. The Taliban are Sunnis. Al Qaeda are Sunnis. Islamic State are Sunnis. Iranians are Shia. They are the enemies of the Sunnis. It was the Sunni Arabs that flew planes into the twin towers in New York City, and killed more than 3000 Americans on 9.11. It was the Saudis that financed that attack. Yet, Trump continues in the same pattern as his predecessors, sitting alongside fat little midgets that appear to be wearing an Italian table cloth on their bald little heads. How on what was once considered god’s green earth are those repugnant beings possibly considered our allies. As much as I loathe AIPAC, and zionism, why are those extremist not rattling their sabers? As much as I distain war, I probably wouldn’t mind seeing Saudi Arabia leveled, and turned into a giant kitty litter box.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I can’t say that I was unpleased with Trump destroying Hillary Clinton, and her disbarred, serial rapist husband. I enjoyed it when Trump told Clinton that he was going to look into her corruption, and theft of hundreds of millions from the Haiti earthquake disaster that the Clinton foundation ran off with. But, now it is clear that Trump never had any intention on carrying through with that. The Clinton’s belong in prison. Period! In all, the best part of the Donald and Hillary  Show was witnessing the Clinton’s get kicked swiftly to the curb during the 2016 presidential election and witnessing John Podesta, the Saudi lobbyist, being publicly beaten on a daily basis through WikiLeaks drip, drip, drip, Chinese torture metaphor.

The problem is these sideshow events matter little. The economy, war, displaced millions, destruction of Europe, depletion of raw material, environmental catastrophes, illiteracy, and other issues should take priority. But, they don’t.

For a nation to protect its interest in commerce, very high tariffs on imports is how to go about doing that. This would include huge tariffs on Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Honda, Sony, and other Japanese companies that flood the American market. The Americans who purchase those goods are also significantly to blame.

Globalism is not, and never will be an economic paradigm aimed at the protection of local people, or goods. In that, I was pleased to see Trump tear up the TPP. I thought it amusing that Abe spent so much effort having the TPP passed in Japan, only to see it quickly becoming much needed toilet paper for Japan’s prime minister. The Japanese are always a day late, and a dollar short. (Unlearned and cheap.)

Another way to ensure America has the money needed to sustain its propped up economy is to ensure companies like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and others, stop hiding billions in assets in overseas accounts so as to avoid taxation in the states. Good news here, the IRS has filed an action against Facebook regarding its overseas assets. A recent action had been filed by Caroline Ciraolo, Assistant Attorney General, and James Weaver, Senior Litigation Counsel for the Internal Revenue Services, Tax Division against the company. I hope they follow through with every other company that engages in the same forms of fraud.

What is Trump doing about Japan, tariffs, and protecting national interests, and domestic markets? Apparently, nothing, save having a few rounds of golf, and gorging on arsenic contaminated Japanese glue, also known as rice, tritium contaminated nori, and mercury contaminated raw fish, which tastes disgusting if it is not drenched in hot mustard and soy sauce.

While I was in south Florida, I noticed that the organizations that claim to work to get Japan to return the hundreds of kidnapped children to their parents were no where to be seen. How is it that the parents of kidnapped children expect to ever regain access to their children if they take no action, even when the national leader responsible for those kidnappings is located in their own backyard?

If must really be true that this generation is the pussy generation. That, or the preoccupied, indifferent generation. Certainly, there will never be a Woodstock or protest songs written by the likes of Justin Beaver, who is preoccupied egging his neighbor’s home, and masturbating online. 

The Hague on Child Kidnapping calls for sanctions against nations that harbor kidnappers. Japan has never returned any children, and no sanctions have been placed on Japan.

If Japan was to kidnap my child, I can guarantee that I’d take a busload of Japanese tourists by gunpoint, and park that bus in front of a Japanese embassy. That is where negotiations would begin, and that would be one gaijin story Japan wouldn’t be able to keep hidden from the media. What is life without your child anyway? Why hasn’t anyone, done anything, about the kidnapping of children in Japan? Even the American military who were stationed in that nation, and who had their children kidnapped have taken no action, save making a few weepy, weepy statements to politicians that won’t ever do anything for them in that, or any other regard. Maybe there’s a metal and plastic pin that can be pinned upon the left breast?

Is government inaction, kidnapped children, and lopsided trade the price Americans must pay for the occupation of Japan? Are Americans who work in Japan supposed to continuously be subjected to horrible working conditions? Are children supposed to be the subject of child abuse, child pornography, and kidnapping, because of occupation? Are lopsided trade relations the result of Japan’s inability to govern itself?

When Abe returned to Japan he stated that he was ensuring that high tariffs be placed on the import of western foods. Personally, I wish the U.S. would stop providing food to Japan. If that occurred, Japan would quickly become the Ethiopia of Asia, as the nation can’t feed 2/3 of its own people anyway. Given that fact, perhaps the Japanese sexless and loveless marriages, and the multitudes of suicides as a result of the deplorable social life that exists in Japan is a good move toward depopulation. If the Japanese hate Americans so much, and they hate our ways as they claim, then why should America feed them? Talk about biting the hand that feeds!

It appears the only thing that came out of Trump’s meetings with Abe in Washington, and Florida were confirmations that Japan would remain occupied, American could still continue to put boots at any location in Japan that it desires, and as a result, Japan will be permitted to continue to dump onto the American market, the inferior goods they now produce in China, a country the Japanese hates even more than America. That, and the nation will continue to be able to flood the American markets with overpriced cars that can barely make their way across a 70 mph interstate. Another good thing to look forward to is the multitude of class actions Japanese car companies are sure to face, again sometime in the near future.

Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer and musician. In contrast to his music, Stack’s social, religious and political commentaries are scathing. He simply tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective. For more information visit

© 2017 Stack Jones All Rights Reserved.



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