Japan’s Post WWII Illustrations


Black rain.

We’ve always been told that Japan lost WWII. However, unlike Germany, Japan has never paid reparations to any nation it looted and destroyed. Japan began WWII as the ninth economy of the world, and emerged as the world’s second economy. In the aftermath of WWII, Japan was awarded a constitution that mirrored that of the U.S., which is the best doctrine ever devised to ensure a nation’s people received due process, fundamental rights, human rights, and human dignity; concepts Japanese officials continue to not grasp.

Today, Abe, and a handful of lunatics he surrounds himself with call the constitution of Japan a doctrine imposed on the nation that had but one intention and that was to humiliate the people of Japan. This illogic would mean that the constitution, which resembles that of the U.S. was intended to humiliate those who today call themselves Americans.

I spent time today at a water park with my son. The enjoyment was overshadowed by the constant interruption of military drills taking place in the air above us. This reminded me of Abe’s push to engage in military actions against regional countries such as China, and Korea.

Japan has been pulling out all the propaganda cards it can muster. Recently, I was able to catch one exhibit that displayed post WWII illustrations created by the survivors of that war. The images depict the crimes perpetrated by the enemies of Japan, America. The images are a rare glimpse into the mindset of the Japanese, then and now. They show the hatred the Japanese have towards the U.S. More concerning is the fact that Japanese official rhetoric continues to take the position that Japan was the victims of WWII, and not the perpetrator of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

This new breed of hate is aimed at creating a distrust of Japanese towards Japan’s  imagined enemies, most notably the U.S.

Japanese people need to be made aware of things that have always been kept from them. This includes the Great Kanto Earthquake genocide of Koreans, the biological warfare facility known as Unit 731, and other atrocities, such as Hiroshima being the city where Kamikaze pilots were trained as suicide bombers. Japanese also need to become aware of the fact that Japan gave the world its first suicide bombers. Hiroshima also imprisoned more than 30,000 Chinese and Koreans who were kidnapped and forced to perform labor to produce weapons for Mitsubishi and other Japanese corporations. Those weapons would be used against the people of China and Korea as well as other regional nations. Many women who were worked to near death by day, were raped and tortured to death by night by Japanese soldiers. Japanese officials call them comfort women.

The Japanese weep every year on this date in August, pining over the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese have never shed a single tear for the 30,000,000 who were murdered by Japan, and whose nations were pillaged of their wealth by Hirohito and his “royal” cousins.

The Japanese were not the victims of WWII. The Japanese were the aggressors who began WWII in a false flag operation that was designed, and instigated by current prime minister Abe’s grandfather. Thereafter, Japan destroyed every nation in the Pacific region. Today, Japan’s regional conduct has resulted in China building seven offshore military bases, which no doubt will eventually store nuclear weapons aimed at Tokyo.

The images below depict the sufferings of the Japanese during the aftermath of WWII. What Japan suffered pales in comparison to what the rest of the world suffered during the time. Abe and the insanity that permeates every one of his cabinet members proves that after more than 70 years, Japan remains an occupied nation for good cause.

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 Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer and musician. In contrast to his music, Stack’s social, religious and political commentaries are scathing. He simply tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective. For more information visit http://stackjones.com.

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