Ha! Ha! Hashimoto: The Not So Funny Clown Of Japan’s Racist Rhetoric

Recently, Toru Hashimoto debated racism with another Japanese clown. It was disturbing to recognize that there are people even more racist then Hashimoto himself. Yet, there are, and they are increasing at an alarming rate in Japan.

Some people forfeit their right to life. Toru Hashimoto is one of them. If this twisted reprobate suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth, the world would immediately become a much better place. Hopefully, his abrupt departure would be the result of a good ol’ fashion disembowelment with a second ready to lop off his top.

Hashimoto and former Tokyo Mayor, Shintaro Ishihara formed Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party), a right-wing group that bases their political spew on hatred of women, foreigners, abject ignorance, and Japan’s deceptive history, instead of addressing real issues, such as the economy, and the necessity of having strong regional ties.

A few years back Ishihara became infamous to westerners that reside in Japan, when the mindless kook met with police, and granted them authority to execute foreigners if there were ever a large-scale disaster to hit the country. During that unconscionable diatribe, Ishihara said foreigners would be raping and pillaging in the streets, and that Japan’s women would be their target. This is the same “leader” that said all women over childbearing age forfeited “their” right to life. The Japanese had voted Ishihara into power several times. What does that reveal about the collective views of the Japanese?

The disaster Ishihara spoke of would later hit Japan on 3.11.11. The only thing foreigners were guilty of was donating hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it never made it to the victims it was intended for. Instead, it went to support programs that the donors vehemently opposed. It’s ironic that foreigners have been so charitable to Japan when the nation doesn’t have a shred of charity in its collective soul.

When the 3.11.11. disaster was all but over, it turned out that the only thing the Japanese had to fear was reckless corporations like TEPCO, and the JAEA who was charged with oversight of the nuclear industry. The JAEA had been assuring the world that Japan was the “safest and most prepared” when it came to nuclear safety. If Japan was the most prepared for such calamity, what is in store for the rest of us?

The Burakumin outcast chastises reporters for exposing his vile perspective of the world.

Cut to approximately one year ago when Hashimoto, as Osaka mayor gave city workers an invasive questionnaire that violated their free speech, privacy rights, and equal protection. That questionnaire asked, Do you have tattoos? What size are they, and where are they located? The questionnaire also included a physical diagram where people were supposed to illustrate their body art. The miscreant mayor also said, those that had tattoos would never be promoted, and should quit their jobs. The majority of the 35,000 that received the questionnaire refused to answer it. Oddly, Hashimoto came into power through direct relationships with the underworld that he associates tattoos with. While Hashimoto clearly doesn’t take into consideration basic human rights of others, he’s constantly whining about his own.

Hashimoto sued Shukan Asahi and Asahi Shimbun, claiming the publications violated his human rights when they ran an article about his family’s criminal background. The magazine ran a cover story noting that Hashimoto’s father had been a yakuza, and that he came from an area in Osaka traditionally associated with burakumin outcasts. The article was supposed to be the first of a series exposing Hashimoto’s controversial rise to power. The magazine’s president was forced to resign, and a panel convened by the Asahi Shimbun agreed the article was discriminatory, and the series was canceled.

Unlike, the city workers of Osaka who are private citizens, those that Hashimoto unjustly attacked, he needs to understand that public figures have very few privacy rights. in fact, once an individual enters public office, their entire existence is subject to scrutiny. It’s quite simple, people who have violent criminal backgrounds should not be allowed to hold a public office, because they would probably abuse that position. Hashimoto abhorrent conduct is a prime example of political abuse. He should be removed from office immediately.

Hashimoto who is married, is also known for cross dressing, and eliciting the services of prostitutes. He’s engaged in ongoing affairs with at least one nightclub hostess who said that Hashimoto asked her to dress up in cosplay outfits, and engage in sadistic sexual acts. Hashimoto admitted that the story was true. He claims to have apologized to his wife and seven children.

The sexually sadistic nature of Hashimoto that has been exposed by this hostess sheds light on the current debacle of distortion and delusion that he’s currently suffering, and deservedly so. Especially when Japanese soldiers committed so many sadistic, and torturous acts of rape and murder upon innocent Chinese, Korean, Indo, and Filipino women who were subjected to abject, unconscionable, and immoral conduct, sanctioned by the Japanese ruling party at the time.

Thankfully, Hashimoto has been greatly condemned by the U.S. government for declaring that sex slaves were a necessity during the Second World War. The U.S. ambassadors have already told Hashimoto to cancel his planned visits to New York, and California in June. The U.S. representatives have stressed that nobody would be interested in meeting with him. Even Hashimoto’s own party members have begun to distance themselves from him. Despite all of this, Hashimoto continues to claim, wrongly, that the Japanese military’s wartime practice of forcing women into sexual slavery was necessary to maintain discipline, and to provide relaxation for soldiers.

Hashimoto’s version of necessity, and relaxation.

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto says he doesn’t believe the tens of thousands of women “rounded up” to provide sex for Japanese soldiers during the war did so unwillingly. I’m sure the woman in the photo above, if she was still alive, as it is quite clear that she was already tortured to death by Japanese soldiers, would vehemently disagree with the much maligned malcontent.

The U.S. state department said Hashimoto’s comments were outrageous and offensive. Historians know that up to 200,000 women, mainly from the Korean peninsula and China, were forced to provide sex to Japanese soldiers in military brothels. Japan is the only country accused of widespread, organized sexual slavery during World War II.

Commenting on Hashimoto’s contention that the system was considered necessary before and during World War II, Jen Psaki told a press briefing, “We have seen those comments. Mayor Hashimoto’s comments were outrageous and offensive.” “As the United States has stated previously, what happened in that era to these women who were trafficked for sexual purposes is deplorable and clearly a grave human rights violation of enormous proportions.” A senior State Department official said, on condition of anonymity, “We were all broadly offended by the comments.”

Oddly, today Japan won’t allow anyone who has a tattoo to enter a public bathhouse (onsen), yet Japanese soldiers sadistically raped, tortured, and murdered women, and also subjected many of them to brutal and barbaric tattooing, and bondage. Many of the victims became pregnant, often several times. The impregnated and dejected women would then be forced to undergo abortions. Many had several abortions. Survivors of these atrocities witnessed thousands of woman who were tortured to death. Of course, this is all well-documented, but the Japanese continue to pretend that none of this has ever happened. What is most disturbing is that the Japanese Ministry of Education continues to hide the rape, torture, murder, human experimentation, and war crimes that were committed during the “Empire of Great Japan.”

Unit 731. A child that is still alive is having a vivisection performed on it without anesthesia.

The Japanese have never heard of the secret, and notorious Unit 731 where more than 30,000 innocent Chinese, Korean, and Russian civilians were subjected to unspeakable war crimes that included feeding children Anthrax ladened chocolate, chemical and biological experiments, munitions testing, and vivisection surgeries performed on maruta (wood), conscious civilians who received no anesthesia as they were cut open from neck to groin, and then ripped open under the guise of experimentation.

Unit 731, based at the Pingfang district of Harbin, was the largest city in the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo (now Northeast China). The secretive lab was a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) and World War II. It was responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes carried out by Japanese.

In 1932, General Shiro Ishii, chief medical officer of the Japanese Army organized a secret research group that conducted various chemical and biological experiments. Ishii’s main supporters included Colonel Chikahiko Koizumi, who later became Japan’s Health Minister.

Many historians believe Emperor Hirohito, who had studied biology is directly responsible for the atrocities committed by the imperial forces, and feel that he, and several members of the imperial family including his brother Prince Chichibu, cousins Prince Takeda and Fushimi, and uncles Prince Kan’in, Asaka, and Higashikuni, should have also been tried for war crimes.

In 1936, Hirohito authorized, by imperial decree, the expansion of Unit 731 and its integration into the Kwantung Army as the Epidemic Prevention Department. It was then divided into the “Ishii Unit” and “Wakamatsu Unit” with a base in Hsinking. From August 1940, all these units were known collectively as the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army, or Unit 731.

Today, Shiro Ishii is enshrined at the controversial Yasukuni Shrine and honored as a war hero. The psychopath is anything but a hero. Ishii negotiated a deal with a U.S. military tribunal to hand over his Unit 731 records in exchange for war crimes immunity. If there was anyone in Japan that should have been executed as a war criminal it would have to be Ishii.

The remains of the notorious Unit 731 torture facility located in Harbin, China.

While Japan continues to honor war criminals like Ishii, part of Unit 731 remains as a monument to Japan’s war crimes in Harbin, China. The entire world is aware of the existence of this abominable torture facility, and several feature films and documentaries have been made about it, yet one would have to search the entire country of Japan to find even a handful of people that know it ever existed.

A military symbol that no Japanese should ever be proud of.

On a recent visit to the southern island of Okinawa, Hashimoto suggested to the U.S. commander in charge there that the U.S. troops should make use of the legal sex industry. U.S. officials openly stated that these statements were repugnant and rejected the proposal. “That goes without saying,” Pentagon press secretary George Little said. Mike Honda, a Democrat who has urged Japan to take responsibility for wartime sex slavery, called Hashimoto’s remarks on sex slavery “contemptible and repulsive” and demanded Japan’s government “apologize for this atrocity.”

Hashimoto’s comments came amid continuing criticism of earlier pledges by Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, to revise past apologies for wartime atrocities. Instead, a photograph was published in Japanese newspapers showing Abe posing in a fighter jet with the number 731. This triggered great outrage in Beijing, Russia, Korea and the rest of the world.

Do the three stooges of stupidity reveal the true psyche of the Japanese as a whole?

One victim of sexual assault and slavery by the Japanese military during WWII was only fifteen years old at the time. She had been abducted from her home along with other girls from her village. They were rounded up, herded, and repeatedly raped by soldiers both day and night. She witnessed many women who were tortured to death, and feared the same would happen to her. This child was impregnated many times and forced to abort each time. Japanese soldiers tattooed her body as part of their sadistic pleasure. This victim passed away only a few years ago. In Korea, there remain only sixty victims left alive. They’re in their 80’s and 90’s, and most of them were permanently disabled because of the torture they have endured.

The Japanese government has always denied these claims, and the victims have never been compensated for what they had endured. They have also never received an apology. Instead, Hashimoto and other racist, women haters continue to call them whores and liars.

It’s not only Chinese, Korean and Filipino woman that resent the ignorant venom spewed by Hashimoto. Twenty-five women’s groups in Okinawa issued a statement claiming the island chain “still sits in the midst of unhealed scars from war and daily violence imposed by the military.” They demanded an apology from Hashimoto who suggested U.S. troops make use of Okinawa’s “thriving” sex industry. “Regardless of whether it is wartime or not, a view to use women as a tool to let out sexual frustration is intolerable,” said Masako Ishimine, a senior member of a local women’s body, quoted by the Okinawa Times.

In the Philippines, Rechilda Extremadura, the executive director of Lila Pilipina, an advocacy group whose 104 members were “comfort women” described Hashimoto as callous. “No country has the right to violate women and make us victims so they can be fodder for war,” she said. “Someone in his position should be more responsible with his remarks.”

Shoko Toguchi, a senior member of a women’s rights group, said, “Hashimoto not only lacked common sense, but he lacked the sense of human rights and was not able to feel the pain of Okinawa’s people”, Jiji Press reported.

Activists criticized Hashimoto’s remarks urging a United Nations human rights panel to take up the issue when it opens its review of Japan next week. The activists, including those from the Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace and from Amnesty International, expressed their views at a meeting with experts from the Committee against Torture.

The following are photos of various “whores and liars” as depicted by Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party).

Korean rape and torture victims of Japan’s Imperial Army demand compensation and apology.

More victims of Japan’s war crimes that Hashimoto considers necessities for discipline and moral.

How long must we sing this song?

Necessities of war according to Hashimoto, others would call it the tragedies of war.

Maruta! Staged photos according to Hashimoto’s party of pretense.

This military officer entered into a bet with another to see who could cut off the most heads as they made their way toward Manchuria. At the end of each day he’d turn his attention to raping, and torturing women. In Hashimoto’s view those women were not kidnapped, and raped, they were “volunteers.” Note: This sick animal above met his demise at the end of a war crimes noose.

The distorted countenance of an abject, and delusional lunatic.

The following is a statement I received by a survivor of Japan’s war crimes.

Federico Baldassarre: As far as my own experience with the Japanese military is concerned, I find it impossible to forgive them for what they’ve done to so many of their victims. I don’t want to cease to feel angry.

Should I forgive Japanese soldiers for enslaving human beings in concentration camps, starving them and beating countless men, women, and children to death? Do I really want to forgive them for ruthlessly exploiting the entire Indonesian population, including the millions of Romusha’s they subjected to horrible slave labor?

And what of the hundreds of thousands of women from many nations they forced to into sexual slavery to fill the brothels of the Japanese military? Should I, a survivor of the war in Southeast Asia, ever cease to feel angry with the Japanese guard for viciously beating and kicking my mother while she was trying to protect her child? Absolutely not! Never!

Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer and musician. In contrast to his music, Stack’s social, religious and political commentaries are scathing. He simply tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective. For more information visit http://stackjones.com.

© 2015 Stack Jones All Rights Reserved.

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