Abe’s Wife Protests U.S. Presence In Japan

I am a DJ. I am what I play. I got believers! Believin’ me.

Update: Japanese prime minister Abe’s wife sat next to Trump at a dinner in Washington. Trump posed a question to the former “DJ”, which she responded in the typical illiterate manner the world has come to expect from the Japanese, “No English!” What it that the woman can’t peeky Ingrish, or did she fear being asked about her appearance at a U.S. military base in Japan, demanding the U.S. to “Get out of Japan.”

First, any foreigner that hates the U.S. should not be permitted to enter the country. Second, on that goes to a U.S. military base, and protests its presence, should not be allowed to enter the U.S., let along be given the opportunity to sit next to the president of the country that she apparently despises. Read here about the illiterate “first lady” of Japan’s inability to even know how to say “Hello.”

Japan’s prime minister’s ill informed wife says she is “ready to face criticism” after attending an anti-American rally in Okinawa. “This is my first step to create a world of love and harmony,” the woman wrote in response to the visit, which shines a spotlight on the historical illiteracy the Abe’s are known for having.

The last thing on either Abe’s mind is a world of love and harmony. The Japanese don’t use the word love in their vocabulary, not even to describe affection toward their own children. In that, neither Abe has children, or grandchildren for that matter.

Abe’s wife appears void of any knowledge of Japan’s propensity for skewing historical facts. While Abe tries to wind the clock back to the Tokugawa Iemitsu era, his wife should understand that women who play a “traditional” role in Japan are to provide sexual services to their husband, and make babies. A prime minister’s wife in Japan is culturally insignificant, and plays no role in traditional ceremonies, and their opinions matter not.

Abe’s wife was once a disc jockey. Other than that she doesn’t have much of a resume.  I’m curious as to what her position is on her husband’s crack down on nightclubs, where numerous DJs have been arrested for merely trying to earn a living. Apparently, the woman is equally ill informed about her husband’s failed economic policy as the entire nation sits in ruin where factories had once churned out component parts for products Americans purchased, and which made Japan the second largest economy of the world. Those factories now sit dormant as much a dilapidating eyesore, as Japan’s entire toxic shoreline.

Abe quit as prime minister the first time he was in office after his LDP party stole all of Japan’s pension funds. Those funds have never been recovered. This is equivalent to when Donald Rumsfeld went live on national TV in the U.S. and stated that the treasury couldn’t locate 16 trillion USD. The next day the Twin Towers were a smoldering heap and that issue never arose again.

For some reason Japan’s prime minister has publicly stated that he shits about thirty times a day. At the time of the pension debacle, Abe claimed his bowel problem was the reason he abandoned his post as prime minister, at a time when Japan faced its worst crisis since being soundly humiliated at the end of WWII.

The one thing Japan’s prime minister has in common with the war criminals honored by Japan’s growing lunatic right is that Abe’s grandfather spent 3.5 years in a CIA prison for directing the false flag operation known as the Manchurian Incident, which was used as an excuse for Japan invading China, Korea and Russia, and bringing all of Asia into WWII. Abe’s grandfather escaped a war crimes trial after negotiating the release of the Unit 731 documents to the U.S. occupied forces, and would later be one of America’s first Japanese puppet prime ministers.

Abe’s wife claims that she hadn’t informed her husband in advance about attending and endorsing protests that have caused a surge of violence against foreigners who reside in Japan. This is disinformation, the type we can expect to see more of as Japan continues to push for war against China and Korea. Actions such as that which the prime minister’s wife engages in are government sponsored. Abe’s wife’s action was planned in advance and later fed to the media for the sole purpose of inciting hate speech and violent crimes against non-Japanese who reside in Japan, namely the American military.

Why does this concern me? Why shouldn’t it? I have a son the Japanese call “hafu”, which is racist jargon. My son is two years old, and has already been assaulted twice. The kind of attacks children like my son are subjected to are what Japanese officials call “free speech.” The second assault against my son was incredibly violent. It took place in the presence of two police officers who refused to intervene and arrest the perpetrator.

Violence against children is an integral part of Japanese society. Japan is the leading producer of child pornography, and the leader in predatory sexually exploitative crimes against minor children. Instead of protesting the presence of the U.S. in Japan, Abe’s wife should protest the recent photos placed online that show Isseo Sagawa, the nation’s predatory cannibal posing with a group of young children at a kindergarten. What? You haven’t heard of Isseo Sagawa? Sagawa is Japan’s celebrity cannibal. He’s the best-selling author and producer of violent pornography. Sagawa is infamous for murdering a Dutch woman, and thereafter dismembering her body, having sex with her corpse, and eating her breasts, thighs and vagina. Only  Japan could allow a cannibal to roam the streets of Tokyo. But, hey… his crimes were against a women, and a foreign woman at that.

Japan is the leader in Asia when it comes to hate crimes. Japan considers hate speech a form or free speech. If Japan takes such a “liberal” view on speech then perhaps the Abe’s can explain why the Ministry of Education refuses to publish facts regarding the Great Kanto Earthquake where genocide was committed against Koreans and other “undesirables” who resided in Japan. At that time, thousands of Koreans were dragged into the streets during the aftermath of the Kanto earthquake, which occurred in 1923. Absurdly, Koreans were blamed for the fires caused by the earthquakes and the Japanese government thereafter posted pamphlets and blared over loud speakers that Koreans had poisoned the water supply. The Japanese populace responded to the government sponsored crimes by committing mass murder. Koreans and Japanese mistaken for being Korean were tortured, hung and burned. Their corpses dangled from poles in the streets, and even after death, the Japanese continued to mutilate the bodies. Government officials, acting under the guise of protecting Koreans, rounded them up, and put them on damaged boats. Once the boats were in the Tokyo and Kanagawa bays, the Koreans were tied up, and the boats set ablaze. What do the Abe’s have to say about this piece of history, while even today, racist Japanese converge on Korea Town, and continue to call for Koreans to be exterminated?

In 2015 Abe’s wife visited Yasukuni shrine. Yasukuni shrine honors several Class A war criminals convicted and executed at the Tokyo war crimes trials. Abe’s wife also visited the Chiran air base in Kagoshima from where kamikaze pilots were dispatched during World War II. Are we supposed to forget that Japan introduced to the world suicide bombers? Are we supposed to forget that Japan murdered over 30,000,000 million civilians during WWII, and single handedly destroyed the entire Asian Pacific region, and has never paid a single yen in reparation damages to any nation? Well, we in the west will never forget, but the Japanese still don’t know any of this happened as Japan’s genocidal and hateful past has been omitted from school text books. Instead, the official dialogue has become whether or not Japanese soldiers raped women, which the Japanese officials like to call comfort women.

It’s for good reason Japan remains an occupied nation. The world needs the U.S. military to protect foreigners from Japanese who have a propensity to commits crimes against humanity, and who spew hatred that permeates nearly every aspect of Japan’s cult like existence. Japan must remain an occupied nation so long as human kind exists on this planet. The harsh reality for the Japanese is that they have proven that they are incapable of governing themselves, and that they have a propensity toward cruelty and violence toward others.

Reflecting on her visit to Yasukuni shrine, Abe’s wife wrote, “My feelings toward the shrine are quite different after my visit to the Chiran base.” “My heart aches when reading letters and farewell notes addressed to family members.” “What was in their minds when they perished on the battlefields?” Who gives a shit what was on the minds of brainwashed Japanese soldiers? Perhaps somewhere beyond the cloud of Methamphetamine they were injected and addicted to, which was intended to make the soldiers believe they were superhuman, they were capable of understanding the death sentence that was imposed on their families if they refused to carry out their orders. Perhaps this was what was on their minds as they perished. Perhaps this was their reality. Reality! A topic that is certainly ignored by the Abe’s and the lunatic dirge that make up the LDP.

Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer and musician. In contrast to his music, Stack’s social, religious and political commentaries are scathing. He simply tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective. For more information visit http://stackjones.com.

© 2016 Stack Jones All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Abe’s Wife Protests U.S. Presence In Japan

  1. M. Ravindra says:

    Your thoughts are amazing and I have no doubt in this. You are amazing and thoughtful.

    I personally never believe mass media.

    Keep it up.

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