Abe’s Public Pummeling

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Abe leaves the floor of the Upper House after being beaten by opposing political leaders.

Approximately one week after China unveiled to the world its incredibly advanced state-of-the-art military arsenal during a parade honoring the 70th anniversary of Japan’s sound defeat, Japan’s Upper House enacts controversial security bills that will allow the nation to engage in military action for the first time since the nation was crushed in defeat at the end of WWII. Apparently, after seventy years, there no longer exists any semblance of a memory of the aftermath of the flattened Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, and the radiation contaminated black rain that flowed thereafter.

Click here to watch Abe get the well-deserved beating of his life.

Opposition lawmakers tried desperately to prevent the Upper House vote, and it all played out live on national television.

The legislation has sparked huge protests across Japan. The majority of the nation has demanded that Shinzo Abe, the current prime minister, and grandson of a Class A war criminal during WWII, to step down, or to be forced out of office.

Lawmakers exchanged shouts as the opposition resorted to any means necessary to stop the ruling party from voting on the controversial security bills. The opposition’s desperate actions included Abe being sucker punched, and knocked out. Immediately thereafter he was pummeled continuously with fist, and foot on the parliament floor. For a short duration during the melee, Abe’s party members were unable to intercede. Although tensions increased between the ruling, and opposition lawmakers, the voting took place anyway. Abe was not present however as no doubt he was still reeling from the severe beating he most assuredly deserved.

The Japanese public became enraged as the ruling LDP leaders forcefully carried out the voting. “The government should let the people decide whether it needs to change the constitution to allow the collective self defense. It is unconstitutional to decide these issues in this manner,” one lawmaker shouted.

Despite pouring rain, thousands gathered in front of the Diet building in Tokyo, shouting demands over bullhorns for Abe to withdraw the security bills, and to immediately step down. Apparently, Abe, who has no children, cares little for what the majority of Japan’s citizen’s desire, which is to continue as a pacifistic nation. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese have engaged in protests, often holding up graphic posters of dead U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries the U.S. had engaged in false flags, illegal wars, and war crimes.

A total of thirteen people were reportedly arrested for “interfering with officers” during a rally that drew an estimated thirteen thousand, gathered outside parliament in Tokyo.

Abe’s ratings have plummeted as a result of the new bills. Critics say the changes are unconstitutional and are designed to drag Japan into American wars in far-flung parts of the globe. Opposition lawmaker Tetsuro Fukuyama made an emotional speech prior to the vote, outlining why his party had submitted a motion to delay the bills, “Is the ruling party listening to the voices of the public? Certainly not! You think you can do whatever you want because you have a majority? Is that what you think?” he said, on the verge of tears.

The legislation deals with ten new security bills. Japan now has the right to deploy troops overseas and “assist” during military operations where Japan faces a “threat to its survival”. There can be little doubt that the U.S. is behind this matter, as the changes allow for Japan to defend the U.S., and other “friendly” nations that are under armed attack.

Opposition lawmakers and constitutional scholars argue such an operation, if Japan itself is not attacked, violates the war-renouncing Japanese Constitution. More than one hundred and fifty academics that oppose the security bills held a news conference in Tokyo releasing a declaration calling for the bills to be scrapped, and for Abe’s resignation. Toshihide Masukawa, a professor emeritus of Kyoto University, and Nobel laureate said, “These are bills that empower the prime minister to wage war.” “The constitution states that Japan will not possess an army. A self-defense force is permitted in a limited capacity, only to defend the country. The government’s present interpretation of the constitution is not enough to permit these illegal changes,” said Masaki Ina, Professor of Constitutional Law at the International Christian University. “Article 9 is not only about pacifism, but also Japan’s international pledge never to invade Asian countries again. If Abe wants to revise Article 9, for collective self defense, then Japan should have something that can substitute for the pledge that it will not resort to aggressive acts ever again,” said Professor Shojiro Sakaguchi of Hitotsubashi University.

The DPJ, the JIP, the JCP and the SDP, all demanded a continuation of deliberations in the Lower House, prior to the Upper House vote, and walked out prior to voting in order to display their opposition to the ruling party forcing the vote through. The People’s Life Party boycotted the vote, and did not appear on the floor.

As the voting was about to take place in the Upper House, an orchestrated attack resulted in Abe being viciously assaulted. The LDP, which controls the majority, was kept from intervening. Abe was pummeled in the jaw by a furious blow that knocked him out of his seat, and onto the floor. No doubt he was knocked unconscious. As he lay sprawled out on the floor, rival politicians continued to beat, and kick him relentlessly.

During Abe’s thrashing, a sign was held up for those that viewed the live broadcasting to see. It read, “This is the day of the death of Abe’s party.” There was also death threats hurled at the, (hopefully soon to be former) prime minister. As the melee continued, somehow Abe managed to crawl out from under the sea of flailing fists, and feet, and is seen thereafter stumbling away. As Abe fled in utter humiliation, it reminded me of the time when he resigned as prime minister during his first term when the entire nation’s pension savings, trillions in yen disappeared from the national treasury. During that scandal Abe claimed he had stomach ailments. The Japanese seemed to have forgotten the pension scandal, as they had in remembering the fact that Abe’s grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi was literally thrown out of office for colluding with U.S. occupiers against the best interests of the nation. The Japanese somehow justified voting Abe back into office for another term as national leader, giving his party another opportunity to engage in scandal after scandal that rocked the nation, and greatly impacted international relations.


Savages all!

During Abe’s second run as prime minister, nearly all of his personal appointees were removed from office after being exposed in scandal after scandal; including criminal funding schemes, and race hate crimes. Instead of resigning, as Abe should have, he called for a snap election, and had all of his criminal cohorts reinstated back into the positions they had been removed from. It is this same group of criminals, posing as politicians that are responsible for the changes in the laws seen today.

Early on in Abe’s second term he posed for photos, sitting in the cockpit of an airplane with the number 731 on the side of the plane. Abe beamed a bright smile, and gave the thumbs up, but neighboring nations such as China, and Korea found no humor in the incredibly repugnant conduct. It is well-known that Abe’s grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi spent 3.5 years in a CIA prison after WWII, and instead of facing the hangman’s noose, was able to negotiate his release by turning over the biological warfare data Japan obtained while operating Unit 731 in Harbin, China. Unit 731 was a biological, and chemical warfare facility, which experimented upon, and murdered over 30,000 Chinese, and Korean civilians, as well as U.S., UK, and Russian soldiers. Nobusuke would go on to become one of Japan’s, U.S. puppet prime ministers who rubber-stamped any imposition forced upon Japan by the nation’s U.S. occupiers, including permanent bases in Yokohama, and Okinawa. These measures ensured that Japan remained an “independent” vassal state.

What is ironic about Abe’s constitutional “interpretation” is the fact that the laws were imposed upon the nation because the Japanese were, and still are entirely incapable of understanding basic human rights such as free speech, equal protection, woman’s rights, and the right to freedom of association. What must be noted is that Japan’s U.S. written constitution included two distinct clauses that forbid the use of torture.

It’s quite obvious that Abe is more concerned with restoring the “honor” of his war criminal grandfather, than honoring the rule of law that has played a significant role in Japan as a peaceful nation, and the prosperity the nation enjoyed for the past seventy years. One thing that is certain, if the death threats are carried out on Abe, there will be no offspring to continue in his shortsighted, Napoleonic determinations. The writer of this article is one such person that would prefer to see Abe’s ashes in an urn, perhaps right along side his war criminal grandfather at Yasukuni Shrine than to ensure his dream of “restoring” Japan’s antiquated sense of “honor.”

Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer and musician. In contrast to his music, Stack’s social, religious and political commentaries are scathing. He simply tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective. For more information visit http://stackjones.com.

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