Abe: The Antiquated Christ Of Japan’s Post Apocalypse

Abe poses in a T-4 military jet with the numbers 731 visible on its side. The number references Japan’s biological facility that tortured, and executed 30,000 Chinese, Korean, and Russian civilians, and allied soldiers under the guise of scientific experimentation.

Not long ago I read an article in The Japan Times, where the writer called Shinzo Abe a “historical revisionist.” How absurd! Historical revisionists are those that do a great amount of research in preparation of their research, and remove any biases that might infect the particular subject matter that they are working on. A revisionists strives for honesty as they work to correct distortions, propaganda, and other forms of intentional misleading information that passed down through generations, benefitting only those with a specific political, religious, or racist agenda, as well as the publishers that corroborated, and supported that particular parasitic brand of mass deception.

Abe is the grandson of Nobusuke Kishi, a World War Two Class A war criminal who spent 3.5 years in a CIA prison facing a hangman’s noose. Nobusuke Kishi is one of the key architects of Japan’s Unit 731 biological chemical warfare facility that is now on display as a museum in Harbin, China. Kishi was instrumental in the September 18th, Mukden Incident, where a false flag operation would begin Japan’s occupation of China. After negotiating deals with the U.S., including the turning over of the scientific data collected at Unit 731, Kishi  would then become one of Japan’s first U.S. puppet prime ministers, and usher in the era of Japan as a vassal state. Kishi is also responsible for Japan’s permanent U.S. occupation. He was so despised by the Japanese people that they rioted, and forcefully ejected him from office. Read more about Kishi here. An extensive research paper titled: Kishi and Corruption: An Anatomy of the 1955 System exposes the depth of corruption in Japan’s right-wing conservative party, oddly named, The Liberal Democratic Party, which continues to have a stranglehold on Japan’s politics, false historical teachings, and shared hatred of people of all other nations. Especially, China, and Korea. Abe wrote in his book titled, Toward A Beautiful Country,  that he felt “strong repulsion” that his grandfather was a war criminal.

Abe is no revisionist. He’s a manufactured puppet that does the bidding of the U.S., as were all of Japan’s post World War II prime ministers. Abe is not a revisionist. Abe has no vision. He’s a charlatan. He’s an arrogant, and ignorant racist, who is hell bent on creating as much instability, and turmoil in the Pacific region as possible, in order to fulfill his goal of “reinterpreting” Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution, and returning the nation to what he conceives as its past glory. Anybody that has even a cursory knowledge of Japan in a historical perspective knows there isn’t anything glorious about the nation’s past. Period! This week, Abe called for a return of Japan’s honor. If Abe considers the bayonetting of infants, and feeding starving children with anthrax ladened chocolate a form of honor, he, and the LDP party pigs that surround him would be the only ones. To put it mildly, there is nothing honorable about Japan’s past, and there will be nothing honorable about the nation’s future agenda.

It was recently reported that Japan’s economy (as of the time of this writing) is worse than when Japan’s east coast was wiped out by giant tsunami waves, and a third of the nation was blanketed in radiation contamination circa 3.11.11. To put that in perspective, all ships were barred from entering ports, causing the shipping industry to grind to a halt. Import, and export ceased to exist. Store shelves sat bare for several days as the Abe’s own LDP party proved itself entirely inept at disaster preparations it had conned the world into believing it was the leader in. All transportation ground to a halt as trains, planes, and buses sat idle, unable to locate fuel to operate, or a rail, runway, or highway to operate on. In that, when a leader of a country can’t figure out ways to repair the nation’s failing economy, they turn to nationalism, and hate, and fear campaigns. Japan’s LDP hasn’t even mastered that, as the party is entirely transparent.

This week Aeon reported more than 97% loss in sales, and profits, as Abe prepares, once again, to raise taxes from 8% to 10%. Citigroup is also pulling out of Japan’s failing finance industry as well. The fact is, the world doesn’t need Japan to manufacture its cheap plastic crap any longer. Thanks to the U.S., Japan had nearly seventy years to learn from its pathetic past, and has failed in every aspect. There is nothing that remains that Abe, or his racist LDP cohorts can do to change the crash course in futility the nations now faces.

Instead of Abe addressing Japan’s deteriorating economy, and runaway inflation, he often speaks of fond memories as a child, sitting on his grandfather’s lap, and being enlightened about the wonders of Japan’s failed imperialistic empire. These ridiculous tales are as absurd as the origin of Japan’s emperors hailing from a sun goddess, who’s relations were sent to Japan to rule over the barbarians hordes of the world. If this was North Korea, we’d be laughing at such ridiculous lunacy. The grandfather that Abe is referring to is Nobusuke Kishi, who served as prime minister in the 1950s after the U.S. showed Japan what a real imperialist power will do to an imposter that stands in its way. It must be noted that Kishi was a Class A war criminal that managed to buy his way out of a war crimes trial, and a hangman’s noose, and the party most responsible for the U.S. permanently occupying the island nation. Kishi was one of Japan’s first puppet prime ministers that cowed to every whim of the U.S. occupiers, and victors of World War II.

In Japan, Kishi’s name is synonymous with corruption. Despite this, he remained a strong behind-the-scenes influence in Japan’s long-ruling LDP. Kishi was an ardent racist, and nationalist who opposed the war-renouncing aspect of Japan’s Constitution. He was the brother of Prime Minister, Eisaku Sato, and the father-in-law of Shintaro Abe, Shinzo Abe’s father, another sociopath who failed in his desire to become one of Japan’s puppet prime ministers. Kishi was ousted from office during huge street demonstrations from citizens who opposed a new security treaty between the U.S. and Japan.

Abe’s first stint as prime minister resulted in his resignation due to corruption within his party, after it was discovered that more than 50 million Japanese pension funds literally vanished off of the nation’s ledger. Those funds have never been found, and nobody in the LDP searching for them either. Now, Abe wants the pension funds that remain to take “riskier bets.”

Abe embraces the “glories” of the antiquated Imperial Regime, which led Japan into World War II, and the nation’s utter demise. That regime, which was quashed by allied forces, and which had committed unspeakable, and egregious war crimes, and had caused the most racist, as well as the worst war in the history of the world was somehow left to remain in power. Those war criminals are responsible for the deaths of more than 30,000,000 civilians, and somehow the nation manages to consider itself the victim of the second great war. This is the mindset of Abe, and other belligerent offspring of Japan’s war crimes past.

By the time the war criminal cowards, (those same cowards that today are buried at Yasakuni Shrine, and honored by Abe as “heroes”), surrendered to the allied forces to save their own necks, the entire nation was left a wasteland, fire bombed to the point that barely a tree remained standing. Ironically, Hirohito, and his criminal empirical family would avoid war crimes trials, after making a deal with General MacArthur, and the U.S., by turning over the approximately two billion in loot they pilfered from the nations they ransacked. Not only did Hirohito and his clan avoid being hung as the criminals they were, they would stand to prosper, and watch as Japan rose from the ninth world economy to the second, not long after the war. Japan has the U.S. to thank for this “economic miracle” the nation exploited to the hilt.

Shiro Iishi is one of those that evaded a war crimes. Iishi had operated the notorious Unit 731 biological warfare unit that committed unspeakable medical experiments on living human subjects. (More on that later.)

Abe needs to grasp that the great humiliation that he, and his cronies suffer from are the results of Japan’s antiquated failures, and backwards mentality, and the great shame, and delusion that he suffers from will never be wiped from the history books of the world no matter how much they remain censored in Japan. Hiroshima, and Nagasaki stand to bear witness to the lunacy of Japan’s past military aggression against its neighbors. Those facts speak for themselves.

Today, Abe called for Japan’s media to help restore the nation’s honor. What he means is the media should become even more of a political tool than they already are, and play a more significant role in the LDP’s propaganda, and public relations scheme, by helping to cover up Japan’s war crimes history, deep seeded, and unjustified hatred, and fear of foreigners, segregation mentality, and play a more crucial role in returning Japan to the days of absolute totalitarianism, tyranny, and fervent flag waving nationalism.

Abe wants to war dance. He wants to tango with regional powers that are far superior in military capabilities, resources, and financial ability today than Japan ever had at its primordial past when the nation sent balloons across the Pacific filled with germ warfare, and had created the world’s first terrorist suicide bombers. This last dance Abe so greatly desires will surely result in an ill conceived apocalypso that will cover Japan in death, long before the next ice age will.

Abe’s racist antics are more than mere stunts that draw belligerent response from neighboring countries such as China, Russia, and Korea. Abe needs to “get it” that Japan remains an occupied nation, and its been that way for nearly seventy years because the nation’s collective conscience is unable to adjust to a modern, and civilized form of existence. Abe is not a revisionist. He’s a instigator who’s stirs the pot of turmoil, and rattles the sabers to cover up his inept economic policies for the nation he rules. Despite what the LDP’s laudable clowns have stated, the U.S. will not go to war on behalf of Japan. The U.S. can’t get out of the middle east mess it dug itself into.

Abe’s Childlike Antics

Without regard to the tensions that already exist in the region, Abe mindlessly posed for a photo in the cockpit of an air force T-4 training jet emblazoned with the number 731 on its side of the plane. The photo was taken at the Air Self-Defense Force base in Miyagi Prefecture. The number 731 evokes outrage and horror, bringing back nightmarish memories of the covert biological and chemical warfare research facility that carried out lethal human experiments during the 1937-45 Sino-Japanese War, and World War II, crimes that were sanctioned, and financed by Emperor Hirohito.

Newspapers throughout the world ran photos of Abe sitting in the cockpit of a fighter plane with the numbers 731 clearly visible in the photo. In fact, there’s an arrow that draws ones attention straight to the number. “Abe’s pose resurrects horrors of Unit 731,” read the headline on the English-language Korea Joongang Daily. The Chosun Ilbo’s caption referred to “Abe’s never-ending provocations.”

The Japanese biological and chemical warfare research facility was responsible for torturing, and executing more than 30,000 Chinese, Korean, and Russian civilians. There were also U.S. soldiers experimented on, tortured, and executed at the secret facility, which was operated by Shiro Iishi, a war criminal who is enshrined at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, along with numerous other war criminals. There were no survivors. Unit 731 is located in Harbin, China, and still stands as a testament of Japan’s barbarism to its regional neighbors.

Unit 731. Harbin, China. Today, a museum exposing Japan’s war crimes.

Abe understood that the photo could only be interpreted as a provocation to China, Korea, and Russia. Leaders that are this insensitive, and conducting themselves in such an apprehensible manner clearly are not fit for office. The photos of the smiling faced prime minister can only be construed as an approval of Japan’s colonial-era war crime atrocities. The regional, and international press agree that the Abe photos were intended as an affront to countries like China and South Korea, which suffered under Japanese occupation and colonization.

The Japanese Defense Ministry suggested the number on the trainer was simply coincidental. “There was no particular meaning in the number of the training airplane the prime minister was in on Sunday. Other than that there is nothing we can say,” a ministry spokesman told AFP in Tokyo. Even if these comments were true, the base officials said there were numerous other planes that Abe could have had his photo taken in.

War criminal Shiro Ishii: Unit 731’s notorious mass murderer escaped a war crimes trial for turning over the “scientific data” obtained through torture.

South Korean ambassador to Japan Shin Kak-Soo said Japan needed to pay attention to perceptions. “There is a gap between the perception of a victimizer, and that of a victim.”

The photo has fueled public anger in South Korea, and China, which had already been aroused by the recent visits of Japanese cabinet ministers, and lawmakers to the controversial Yasukuni war shrine. The Yasukuni shrine honors thousands of war criminals as national heroes. The shrine is rightfully regarded as an insult to countries in the region. South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se shelved a proposed trip to Tokyo in protest at the visits, while former President Park Geun-Hye warned Japan against shifting to the right, and aggravating the “scars of the past.

A blind deity, Hirohito sanctioned the torture, and execution of thousands of innocent civilians.

Hirohito visiting the happiest place on earth, after being personally responsible for the torture, and death of millions.

Korean newspapers appear to have been alerted to the photos by online commentary from the U.S. and China, as well as a statement from South Korean ruling party politician Chung Mong-joon that said Abe’s photo-op was equivalent to German Chancellor Angela Merkel riding an aircraft with a Nazi swastika.

The Dong-A Ilbo, another large national paper in Korea, ran a photo that showed Abe wearing a baseball jersey with the number 96 on it. According to the Dong-A, 96 is another “numerical provocation” since Article 96 is the section of the Japanese constitution that Abe wants to revise as part of his goal to allow Japan to formally possess a military.

South Koreans are wary of constitutional changes in Japan because of a prevailing narrative that it would mark a return to Japan’s militaristic past. Recent provocative comments by Abe about Japan’s occupation of parts of Asia during World War II, visits to a war shrine by Japanese cabinet members, and Hashimoto’s mindless rhetoric are increasing concerns in South Korea, China and even Russia of Japan’s political trajectory. In 2013, the UN reported more than 360 hate crimes in Japan aimed at foreigners within Japan’s borders, and called for Japan’s legislatures to outlaw hate speech.

Coverage of Abe’s remarks on historical issues, and Japan’s military seems to be about the only subject that unites the Korean press. Despite huge editorial differences on issues such as domestic politics and North Korea, the South Korean media largely speak with one critical voice about Abe, and warn against any changes to Japan’s pacifist constitution.

Oddly, while Japan’s government has been involved recently in a massive amount of hate speech, rhetoric, and clear aggressive symbolism, Abe has expressed concerns over the increase in hate speech. In an Upper House Budget Committee session that took place on May 7th 2013, Abe criticized the hate mongering that has become rampant around the nation, adding that the hate these people show is dishonoring Japan. “It is truly regrettable that there are words and actions that target certain countries and races,” Abe was quoted as saying. Abe is incredibly hypocritical. Or is he merely sociopathic?

Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Kan Suzuki, pointed out that demonstrations in the Korea towns of Tokyo’s Shin-Okubo district and Osaka’s Tsuruhashi district have been marred by vitriol, and race-specific hate. Protesters have been shouting, “Kill the Koreans”, or that “Koreans are cockroaches”, and “Koreans go home, you do not belong here!”

Abe’s own words have caused angry reactions from South Korea, and China in recent months. This is with regards to his views about Japan’s role in World War II, saying that the term “aggressor” can be defined in different ways from different points of view. South Korea has specifically made strong diplomatic reactions, asking Japan to apologize, and the international community to exert pressure for Abe to retract his comments. “It’s completely wrong to put others down, and feel as if we are superior,” Abe said. “Such acts dishonor ourselves.” After living in Japan for nearly eight years, I’ve yet to understand what it is about the Japanese that could possibly allow them believe they’re superior to anyone, except the fact that those who think such nonsense, are in fact making believe.

The following are documentaries that expose Japan’s Unit 731 biological warfare crimes.

Men Behind The Sun.
Japan’s Dirty Secret(In Japanese)
Nightmare In Manchuria.
Unit 731: Japan’s Biological Force.

Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer and musician. In contrast to his music, Stack’s social, religious and political commentaries are scathing. He simply tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective. For more information visit http://stackjones.com.

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