Monifesto: Appeal H.R. 933

I planted my 100% GMO free garden today just in time for the rainy season, which begins in a few days. Thankfully, I didn’t have to pay an absurd licensing fee to Monsanto for the privilege of worrying about the ill affects of mutated organisms pawned off as food, under licensing scams.

Fortunately, Japan doesn’t permit the sale, or planting of genetically modified seeds within its borders, and since there are no nations bordering Japan, there’s a good chance that GMOs won’t be contaminating the countries farmlands any time soon. So long as Japan stays out of the TPP, which is what the farmers are calling for.

Well, in truth, GMO canola has been discovered growing around shipping ports here in Japan. No doubt “planted” by Monsanto malefactors. But, fortunately, when those man-made mutations are discovered, they’re quickly eradicated.

So, my vegetables are covered for the time being. And fruit…  Ah, fruit! It’s an art in Japan, very high quality produce, and none of it is GMO.

The fallacy that GMO foods are cheaper is easily quashed as soon as I enter a Yamaya store and purchase Temmy’s non-GMO grains/cereals. This includes corn, wheat and rice products. Temmy’s is 100 % non-GMO! At least that’s what the labels tout.

The cost for a tiny box of Kellogg’s Crap Crispies, or Corn Fakes, barely a bowl full is about seven dollars. On the other hand, a box of Temmy’s is three times the size, of the Kellogg’s GMO garbage, and costs merely 129 ¥. That’s one dollar and twenty-seven cents for a box of non-GMO cereal with no sugar, preservatives or other unwanted ingredients.

It’s a pretty sad global statement when countries that can barely feed their own, such as Hungary, Poland, and Peru, resort to burning and banning Monsanto crops, yet the big bad American bullies can’t even prevent congress, and their toe tappin’ president from passing bill H.R. 933, which has been dubbed the Monsanto Protection Act. The same goes for the U.S. trouser lappin’ neighbors. The Canadians.

What happened this time?

Sen. Roy Blunt, yet another morally bankrupt politician that would sell his own mother into prostitution for a tenth of a penny, in collusion with Monsanto crafted the language of H.R. 933. H.R. 933 is a bill that benefits Monsanto only and at the peril of the public. The Center for Responsive Politics notes that Blunt received $64,250 from Monsanto in campaign funds. Let’s be really blunt and state that it was money obviously well spent by the company that brought the world an entire line of highly dangerous and often banned products.

Many members of congress claim they were unaware that the Monsanto Protection Act provision was a part of the spending bill that they were voting on. But, that’s typical congressional mendacity. The bill was hotly contended on the senate floor, and in the presence of the voters. Moreover, shouldn’t those irresponsible and reckless lowlifes read what’s placed before them before signing it?

To the credit of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), he presented an amendment to have the provision overturned, but it met its defeat, guided by none other than Blunt, who’s obviously prone to bribery.

Monsanto always states that their products are not harmful. Even where the majority of the poison they push has been proven to be both harmful, and deadly. If these products are not harmful, then why is the company bribing senators to sneak bills into legislation to protect it from litigation regarding any harm that their unwanted products may cause?

The Monsanto Protection Act, this legislation does something that I think most would find astounding,” Sen. Merkley said on Senate. “It allows the unrestricted sale and planting of variants of genetically modified seeds that a court has already ruled have not been properly examined for their effect on other farmers, the environment, and human health.”

It’s highly suspect when a product can be placed into the stream of commerce, and there is no liability attached to it. Does this legal fiction sound familiar? The same language exists for the pharmaceutical giants that push unnecessary, and deadly “vaccines” like Gardasil that has already been shown to cause brain damage to teenagers who used the product. Gardasil is just one of a myriad of examples of useless vaccines that cause more harm than good. Ironically, Gardasil was originally marketed to young women, 15 and up for “female” related cancer, and is now being marketed to both boys and girls as young as nine years old.

In Steinbeck’s, Grapes Of Wrath, Muley, who couldn’t take any more from the criminally corrupt government, and bankers that stole his land, killed his children, and took away his very dignity asked one question, “Who do we shoot?” Another who stood near asked, “They got somebody that knows what a shotgun’s for don’t they?” If you ask Blunt, and Monsanto’s CEO, they’ll tell you a shotgun is for shootin’ the DNA of a Black Widow spider, into the DNA of a cherry.

No liability means Monsanto, Cargill and the other criminally culpable GMO seed manufacturers can push just about any poison on the market, with little, or no testing at all, and get it approved by their equally irresponsible criminals cohorts at the FDA. Just like the immorally bankrupt “public servants” that cash their taxpayer paying paycheck at the Center for Disease Control (CDC). At the CDC, Big Pharn can get any unnecessary vaccine “fast tracked” with little or no testing to be placed on the market, so it can garner huge profits as soon as possible, regardless of the damage done to the ill-informed end user.

How much Thermasil, methyl mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, detergents, anti-biotics, and who knows what else, can be squirted into a child’s arm until they fall permanently brain dead? When the $%&# will people join hands and take a stand against all this madness?

Like the phony Da Vinci Code, the criminal corporations and their federal, and state counterparts have figured out how to crack the constitutional code. It’s quite simple. America today is a lawless territory controlled by corporations, and the red tie, white shirt, and blue suit wearin’ wits that do their bidding. Sadly, the most guilty, the most reprehensible, and most responsible culprits are the U.S. citizens who have been asleep at the wheel, and who have allowed this to happen on their watch.

Oh, you sad, sad little Americans. The weak and powerless that sit by idly, observing their own culling, and forced servitude that continues unabated, and unchecked. What a mockery! You red, white and blue flag waving patriots once thought yourself immune from all of the horrors, and calamity that your leaders wreaked upon the rest of the global community. In reality, you’re slowly being pinned to a display board like a butterfly, or floating in a dead sea of saline like the lab frog waiting to have its guts impaled by a twelve-year-old mentally, and physically challenged, and undereducated brat that would rather be at home playing Super Mario, and chompin’ away on one of a the myriad of Monsanto tainted products.

More than 250,000 Americans signed a petition telling Obama to veto the spending bill with the biotech rider tacked onto it. But their voice fell on deaf ears, as the morally bankrupt chief executive instead chose to sign it, no matter what health consequences from the consumption of these products may come to light in the future.

America… You get what you deserve. And heaped onto you in great abundance. Since you have no say as to what food you put on your plate, or feed to your own children, maybe as a consolation prize you could take your woes out on those that plant the GMO’s with oil based hoes. Those are the farmers that constantly beg for you to come to their aid!

Remember… Next time the likes of John Cougar, I meant, Cougar Mellencamp, or is it just, Mellencamp, Slick Willy Nelson, or Neil Young, who I hope can remember, after eating his Monsanto corn known to cause brain defects, including memory loss… Americans don’t’ need him around anyhow.

I mean really…  Do you want to give a handout, yet again to a bunch of crybaby farmers that can’t manage their own affairs? They’re a bunch of beggars at the banquet, who have contaminated the soil of nearly 90% of America’s farmland with Round Up Ready wheat, corn, soy, and whatever mutated shit they pawn off on us and call it food. U.S. farmers are those who are most responsible for the collective ecological calamity that America faces today. The food is dangerous, and the topsoil has eroded to the point it will vanish within sixty years due to poor land management. On top of that, the final death null to the American farmer, and farmland will be the biosolids heaped on the crops, and marketed as the fuel for today’s crops. In reality, biosolids is everything dumped down a drain, including human shit, medical waste, and heavy metals.

If anyone deserves to lose the land that has been entrusted to them it would have to be the American farmer. The land that is in their possession needs to be taken from them, and placed into the hands of responsible people who are concerned with land durability, and sustainability, not just obtaining the latest Ford F100.

In a nut shell… farmers are interested in one thing, and one thing only. Yield! And at any cost! Clearly that cost is the abused and contaminated land, and to the health of those that have no choice but to eat the unlabeled crap they produce.

Now we’re supposed to feel badly, and rally behind those same hillbillies that got duped into Monsanto’s perpetual licensing schemes, and feudal servitude. As usual, they had no back up plan. Farmers destroyed their own stored seeds, and fell for the get rich quick scheme that inevitably backfired on them. Even when all the tell tale signs of the dangling carrot was available, and where the bill of goods being presented were clearly untrue.

U.S. farmers should learn the harsh lesson that 270,000 Indian farmers have learned, and all too late. Those 270,000 farmers have committed suicide as a result of economic ruin, and vast wastelands dealt to them by Monsanto, and the banks that gave loans they knew couldn’t be paid back, the sociopath lawyers that sue on Monsanto’s behalf, and the asshole foreigner from Scotland Hugh Grant that nets millions in the criminal scheme, and spends millions more making sure the scam continues.

Let ‘em go bankrupt!

Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer and musician. In contrast to his music, Stack’s social, religious and political commentaries are scathing. He simply tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective. For more information visit

© 2017 Stack Jones All Rights Reserved.


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