Japan’s Dirty Secret

Before. A shot of a Japanese beach at sunrise. Photo credit Stack Jones.

Unfortunately, beauty is truly only skin deep when it comes to taking photos of various locations around the world. This orb we call planet earth is at the point that it’s become overrun with toxic debris, and is now an aesthetically unpleasant place to be. All of this is a direct result of the impact of human growth, greed, and disdain for all things wholesome, and pure. Human’s have become as shallow as a full moon ebb when it comes to the environment, taking responsibility, and making real efforts to repair the damage done, for the benefit of those that will follow in this generations footsteps.

When the sun rises, and darkness is washed in bright light, what’s remains is a revelation of a disturbing proportions, notably that Japan’s beaches are some of the most polluted in the world.

After. The same shot in the photo above a few minutes later. Photo credit Stack Jones.

(I’ve seen fishermen carry full bags of garbage, and toss them into the ocean at this location, as if it was their personal dumping ground.)

While much of the nation revels in unfounded racist assumptions that all Koreans, and Chinese are filthy four-legged beasts, I thought it proper to show the side of Japan that tourists rarely have the opportunity to see.

 Don’t do it! Photo credit Stack Jones.

What lies directly behind the sign above. Photo credit Stack Jones.

I’ve had numerous conversations along the shores of Japan, often asking why the rivers, and streams that run into the oceans, and the shorelines themselves are covered in massive piles of debris, refuse, and plastic. I always ask, who is responsible for this? The answers are stark, and reveal layers, upon layers of denial. Literally, everyone I have spoken to had the same pat conclusion. It’s the Koreans, and the Chinese that are fowling up Japan’s shoreline! Ironically, the myriad of containers made of plastic, metal, glass, styrofoam, and other man-made materials, and “convenient” packaging, are all noted as Japanese produced goods. Surely, Japan can’t blame Korea, and China for the sea of debris that flows out of the nation’s own rivers when it rains. Can they? Japan surely can’t blame the massive amount of garbage that’s piling up on the Pacific Ocean side of the nation on their much hated, and maligned neighbors, can they? Yet, they do. This is all part of Japan’s liar culture. Uso mo hōben meanslying is also a means to an end.

While Japan’s beaches are covered in toxic discarded containers of oil, and other caustic chemicals, and obsolete electronic goods, the surfers, and fishermen that spend their days on the ocean, walking over, and around the debris that’s piling higher, and higher. The idea of cleaning up this mess never seems to occur to any of them. Instead, they suck on their cigarettes, and toss spent butts into the heaps, never considering that their ignorance contributes to the annual count of trillions of cigarette butts that bleed nicotinic acids, and are instrumental in killing off coral reefs, and cause changes in the ocean’s PH levels, at an astounding rate. But, no worries, the Japanese can continue to blame their hated neighbors for the destruction of their shorelines.

Nearly every surfer in Japan has a cigarette dangling from their jaw, which inevitably ends up in drains that spill into the ocean. Photo credit Stack Jones.

The following gallery contains photos taken while traveling along Japan’s Pacific coastline located in Chiba Prefecture. They represent a mere two hours of random stops along various beaches.

Everything in Japan is marketed eco, or green, but in reality, is not. The following photo gallery exposes the true conditions of the environment of Japan. Photo credits Stack Jones.

Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer and musician. In contrast to his music, Stack’s social, religious and political commentaries are scathing. He simply tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective. For more information visit http://stackjones.com.

© 2015 Stack Jones All Rights Reserved.

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