Coco Juku: Dogs And Demons

A Coco Juku advertisement still that uses a dog as a metaphor for foreign teachers.

Update 10.16. Despite what some assume, I don’t work in the Eikaiwa industry. I have however, investigated the industry extensively, and found it to be a hostile, and inhumane working environment for unsuspecting foreign teachers. The mere fact that the Japanese spend billions on language education, and can’t communicate at the most basic level is proof enough that the unregulated industry is a dismal failure.

I write about employment related issues to expose the terrible working conditions that exist in Japan. I do this to warn foreigners as to the realities of living in a country that doesn’t consider you a human being. As bad as the working conditions are for the Japanese, who often commit suicide due to the inhumane working conditions they are subjected to, the employment conditions for foreigners is far worse. Xenophobia, communication barriers, world illiteracy, segregation, the lack of civility, and hate crimes are heaped upon foreigners at every turn. These facts are well known, and are detailed in an array of publications, including those released in annual U.S. Department of State reports, as well as the United Nations.

I’ve received thousands of communications, thanking me for notifying a prospective employee  as to the horrendous working conditions they can expect in Japan. I especially appreciate those who took the time to research the company that offered the employment “opportunity”, and after investigating the relevant facts, declined that offer.

It should also be noted that a “teaching” position in Japan is considered entertainment. Yes, you read correctly. Entertainment! If you obtain a working visa in Japan, it is not education related, and fall under the same visa category as one would receive working as a hostess in a nightclub.

The pathetic salary of 250,000 yen, which is stated in Coco Juku’s contract is exactly the same money one would receive working for McDonald’s in the U.S. Yet, the cost of living in Japan is far higher. Japan hasn’t raised the foreign teacher’s salary in over thirty years. The bare minimum salary for a foreign teacher should be 360,000 yen a month, which is what Japanese teachers make. Japanese teachers also receive full benefits, while foreign teachers receive none! Japanese teachers work until 3:30 p.m., foreign teachers work until at least 9:00 p.m. Another known issue in Japan, is where the employer has a mandatory, legal obligation to pay a foreigner’s pension, which is to be reimbursed once that employee returns home. Japanese companies, especially “eikaiwas” exploit this law, so as to avoid having to pay their share of the pension money.

Japanese companies ripping off foreign employees is the rule, not the exception

After posting this article, I began receiving threats that originated from Coco Juku management. Those communications, which are criminal in nature, include the manager emailing me, Google Map images of a building they believed to be my “government supplied” housing, which was located in the city of Yokodai. I don’t live in Yokodai. I reside in Shonan! Cyber stalking is a serious crime in Japan, and there is no subpoena requirement to obtain the stalkers name, and address as there is in the states.

The Coco Juku manager/stalker that has cyberstalked me has sent several communications that serve no legitimate purpose. Those communications include emailing me Excel documents that originated from the Coco Juku headquarters in Shinjuku. The metadata of those documents prove this to be a fact. The IP address of the sender also originates from the Coco Juku headquarters in Shinjuku. The Coco Juku manager who sent those communications is dangerously unstable, as they have threatened to assault members of my family, even going so far as to threaten to murder my infant child.

Recently, Yusuke Katayama, a Japanese national was sentenced to eight years in prison for cyberstalking. Keep in mind that the Japanese courts always give harsher sentences to foreigners when they are convicted of a crime. Foreigners are also deported after serving their sentence.

The point?

Do you want to be employed by a company that has a management level employee who threatens to murder an infant child? Would you want that malcontent to be in a supervisory position over you? Would you want to have to work with that kind of person on a daily basis?

The original article

Talk about biting the hand that feeds! Coco Juku, the latest failed mutation of GABA, a company that has an extremely hard time finding anyone to work for it, has resorted to comparing foreigners to dogs in the companies latest advertisement scheme. The backlash was so severe that Coco Juku had to resort to disabling all comments from its Youtube channel. This was due to the huge amount of complaints the company received, where the advertisement was obviously racist in nature.

What is Coco Juku? Coco Juku is the latest scam set up by Nichii Gakkan, the founders of GABA. Nichii Gakkan committed massive fraud resulting in deplorable working conditions, unpaid salaries to foreign teachers and also ripped off students who paid large upfront fees for services they never received. Companies that operate like GABA are not the exception in Japan, they are the rule. GABA, is but one of many of the endless chain of eikaiwa ponzi schemes that exploit foreign workers. As a result of the scheme being exposed, Nichii Gakkan was forced to rebrand itself, or go under. Coco Juku is the reincarnation of that ponzi scheme.

The following information was craned directly from Coco Juku’s website. Note the poor salary, and the phony teachers union, which was set up by the company itself. This “union” which employees are required to pay fees to “join” is in reality an illegal scheme, set up by the companies management to force employees to agree to work under terms that violate Japan’s already abysmal labor standards.


1. Flexible: This means a teacher will work 8 hours in one day. The actual working hours do  not include the time spent waiting around between classes. These scams are illegal, are designed to exploit employees and  result in teachers working up to 16 hours a day, “waiting” around for a bored housewife to show up for a lesson.

2. Using established curriculum: GABA, Coco Juku, and all eikaiwas for that matter, including Berlitz, Nova, GEOS, have wafer thin, and mindless material that are generally poorly written.  Most “textbook” material is extremely outdated, riddled with typos and use unnatural language.

3. Maintain student renewals: Despite labor laws forbidding these practices, teachers are forced to do hard pitch sales for companies like Coco Juku and Nova. This illegal practice includes pitching more expensive lessons during class time, instead of teaching actual lessons. As bad as that it, the most humiliating aspect of “teaching” in Japan, is when foreign employees are forced to  stand outside of malls, or in front of train stations, in suits, or company mascot costumes, and pass out fliers to Japanese. If you have resided in Japan for even a single day, you are already aware that Japanese want no encounter whatsoever with a non-Japanese.

4. Attend meetings, seminars, and activities: If you are so incompetent that you can’t find a real job, you should expect the company to realise this as well. You will be forced to attend mundane training, and endless meetings in atmospheres that resemble an old style religious revival, like those that the currently imprisoned, former NOVA “leader” Nozomu Sahashi imposed on his employees.

5. Union membership required: Caveat emptor! This is not a membership in one of the legitimate, and respected teachers unions that have been fighting companies like Coco Juku for decades. This union is a scheme to ensure employees waive their labor rights, and due process when a labor issue arises. You have been warned.

6. Work fifteen hours a day, but get paid for eight? Where do I sign up?

7. Days off according to the company: This clause means that a teacher will work early mornings on weekends, every national holiday and not get paid the overtime salary required under labor law. Teachers will work, while their family and friends enjoy the paid day off. Coco Juku teachers can expect to work Christmas, New Years, and every other national holiday. The usual days off at an eikaiwa are Sundays and Mondays, if you are fortunate to have been allowed two consecutive days off each week.

In the above image, the Japanese in the foreground, stroke an ugly dog on a chain. Note that all background extras are foreigners.

The actor, who’d sell cigarettes to babies, and alcohol to pregnant women, is engaged in bizarre banter with a foreign dog.

Foreign dog teacher profiles located on the Coco Juku website. Apparently, Ray is a black poodle.

The following is an excerpt from the Nichii Gakkan website.

Education business

On top of developing a wide range of course offerings to meet contemporary demands, the language schools, “COCO Juku”, and “Gaba” help to serve the needs of individuals living in a society that is rapidly reaching the state of globalization.

First, yes… Coco Juku is an offshoot of GABA, a company that pays five dollars an hour less than McDonalds. GABA is currently in legal entanglements with former foreign staff that Nichii Gakkan ripped off. Should anybody work under conditions imposed by the company that couldn’t get it right the first time?

Second… The world has been globalized for quite some time now. Apparently, Japan, playing catch up, as usual, is “rapidly reaching” that state as well. Hmmm. No! Japan’s economy continues to slide lower than your Aunt Floozies’ neckline, and the countries’ failure to communicate is the main reason. That, and the fact that you pay twice as much, for half as little, and as a result the country can no longer compete with other regional entities.

The harsh reality is that western corporations have had enough of Japan’s strange mannerisms, and abysmal communication skills. In other words… communicate, produce high quality products at a reasonable price, or get out of the way. Japan’s false over valuation, antiquated products, and built in obsolescence has been noted for far too long. The nation’s prices, and costs of doing business has reached the point of, what’s the point?

Japan is also trying to become a service oriented nation, much like it’s big brother the U.S. This means that the non-autonomous, and systematic Japanese now find themselves being sent overseas to work in management positions in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and China. ONLY if they can communicate in English at a management level.

After nearly 70 years of faking it, the Japanese now must learn to communicate with the world or lose their jobs, and return to farming small plots of land. They’ll have mountains of issues there as well as much of Tohoku, Fukushima and Ibaraki have been contaminated with radiation spewed from three failed reactors.

Coco Juku standards

The following photos speak volumes concerning what foreigners are subjected to when it comes to the “educational” environment of the eikaiwas in Japan.

This teacher is wearing a rendition of the Coco Cola red, white and fat gaijin suit. Ho ho… ho!

Apparently, Ray has a second identity far removed from that of a black poodle. He’s also possessed with the inability to find himself a real job.

Let CoCo Juku know how you feel about being compared to a dog. Contact:

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