Japan’s Fruit Shams

A one hundred and eight dollar mango. A hundred and eight dollar mango! Photo credit Stack Jones.

Did you know that 40% of the food grown in the world every year ends up unused, and thrown out? Think of the environmental impact on landfills, and the overuse of fertilizers, and pesticides. No wonder all the bees are dying, and more than 50% of the agricultural topsoil in the world has already either been exhausted, contaminated with heavy metal fertilizers, or both. Bees aren’t the only creatures dying. According to http://poverty.com, 21,000 people die every day due to starvation.

In Japan, the general rule is, you pay twice as much for half as little. That’s a 400% gouge. But, Japan’s fruit scams take the price gouging to a whole new level. One thing that is certain, in the land of uncertainty is that greed knows no boundaries.

What is it about Japan, that the nation finds a way to justify charging a customer a hundred dollars for a puny mango? This mango is so tiny, it had to be double pink wrapped to fit into the box it’s packaged in.

At my mom’s home in Miami, Florida, there are two large mango trees that shade her front yard. Those mangos are three-to-four times as big as the one in the photo above, and are the best damn mangos I’ve ever eaten. Perhaps, I should get my mother to send me several boxes. I could set up a stand next to this shop, and display my mom’s superior mangos next to this emaciated little shrivel. I could advertise my mangos for half the price of my competitor, and put them right out of business. That’s what Starbucks did. Hell, I’d take a hundred bucks for a case of my mom’s plump mangos.

Is there really a market for a mango, purchased from the Philippines, at the cost of around 20 cents each? Perhaps if the Japanese learned to communicate with the world, and took a vacation once in their lifetime, they’d come to understand absurdities such as this one. What is ironic, is the Japanese are generally quite cheap, and are notorious for being non-tippers.

The shops that sell fruit try to justify these ridiculous prices by stating these are “special” fruits to be given as gifts for people who are in the hospital, or to a companies most cherished clients. If I gave a scrawny mango to a recuperating family member, and told them it cost a hundred bucks, I’d have to call in a pulmonary specialist to deal with the heart attack that was sure to ensue.

If the greed factor regarding the sale of a mere mango isn’t apparently off the charts enough for you, perhaps the following will settle that matter.

A hundred and thirty dollar cantaloupe. Photo credit Stack Jones.

Here ya go! A hundred and thirty dollar cantaloupe, the size of a naval orange. Yes, greed, and stupidity knows no bounds in Japan.

Think of it, these prices, for a single piece of fruit… while the nation is in a recession, uber deflation, and total denial about it all.

OMG! And… what’s the price of a single honey dew? You don’t want to know.

Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer and musician. In contrast to his music, Stack’s social, religious and political commentaries are scathing. He simply tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective. For more information visit http://stackjones.com.

© 2015 Stack Jones All Rights Reserved.

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