John Lennon: A Legacy That Lives On

John Lennon said The Beatles were more popular than Jesus. No doubt they were, and probably still are. However, Lennon’s name doesn’t instill memories of lunatic robed, and hooded figures who rigged heresy trials, and used torture to gain their objective of world control, thereby costing the lives of hundreds of millions. Perhaps the reason Lennon became more important than religion is because he never said these words, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” The name Lennon, even today, invokes a different kind of zeal, some 34 years after his tragic murder. The kind that all the lonely people understand, no matter where they come from.

I’d certainly rather listen to Imagine, Instant Karma, or Woman Is The Nigger Of The World, than to be subjected to a sermon on a mount, surrounded by the devout, who learned nothing from their blind faith, and whose offspring continue to beat war drums, wipe their filthy mouths on their sleeves, having no tolerance for other’s equally blind faiths, and instead collude, and conspire, in hopes of their genocide, justifying it all as a Revelation, as a gift laid upon them from the healing hands of the dyslexic dog they claim to follow in word, and in deeds.

Lennon battled Nixon and the feds, and beat them soundly in their sham attempts to have him deported from a nation that he loved more than any of them. Some people have too much power, and as far as I’m concerned, those that abuse it forfeit their right to life. Lennon forfeited nothing except the millions in tax dollars that he still continues to give to the adopted country that he loved so much. At the end of those mock proceedings instigated by Nixon, a reporter asked Lennon if there were “any hard feelings.” Lennon replied, “Time wounds all heels,” and flashed his green card for all to see.

Who are such men, having such power to arbitrarily draw lines in the sand, and say other men cannot cross? Why have they been placed in position of power? Why are they tolerated at all?

Not long after Lennon’s victory over the U.S. government, Nixon would be castigated, humiliated before the entire world, after claiming that he wasn’t a crook, to the multitudes that knew he was, and finally tossed out of the White House. Nixon instigated wars, and murdered millions. The only battle that ever raged because of The Beatles was an internal one. Were you a Teddy Boy, or a Mod? Turns out it’s OK to be either.

Nixon was a mass murderer along with his sociopath sidekick Kissinger, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in murdering millions in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, etc. Ford would take the American throne, and, exonerate Nixon, and go on to play a significant role in the genocide of the Timorians, and the massacre of “Communists” in Indonesia, and continue fueling the cold war propaganda machine that brought the world’s nations to the edge of annihilation on numerous occasions. Nuclear testing alone has caused the world to be nearly unfit to live with fall out affecting every living organism that exists on the face of the planet.

Ironically, the Americans today, who, because of the acts of the criminal sociopaths they “vote” into office to represent “their” interests, continue to exist in less secure environs than at any time in its short history because of all of the reprehensible conduct that nation heaps upon the small people of “insignificant” cultures, in their names. It’s going to get a lot worse as the new Senate Intelligence Committee CIA Torture Report makes its way around the Muslim communities of the world.  Remember that the next time you see a beheading. Don’t blame it on “terrorists”; blame it on failed U.S. foreign policy. The same foreign policy that tried to deport one of the greatest artists that ever existed.

Lennon’s legacy speaks for itself. So do those who are responsible for gross malfeasance in their perpetual, and unjust campaign against the nations of the world that can’t defend themselves against America’s brand of tyranny, and terror.

Remember that Lennon, a citizen of a foreign country paid more taxes to the U.S. coffers than Nixon, both Bushes, Obama, the Clinton’s, Ford, Reagan, Carter, all of the Kennedy’s, and Kissinger combined, and continues to do so today, long after his death.

All Lennon was saying was, Give Peace A Chance. Ironically, another delusional American who apparently hadn’t heard those words would gun down Lennon in front of his residence, after returning home from recording new music he had intended to share with the world.

There will never be any semblance of peace in this thing called humanity so long as the shallow minded people of the very big nations continue to permit a handful of immoral, dyslexic dogless reprobates steamroll over the world in their efforts to suck a tenth of a penny out of anything, and everything. It’s this mindset that brought about the void, and the abject apathy, that today, we as “civilized” beings consider not.

What is a true artist?

Today, George W. an American mass murderer, and child killer has turned to painting, much like the pedophile, and child murderer John Wayne Gacy had. Bush now calls himself an artist. I’ve seen his work. It’s not very good, and hardly worth mentioning beyond the barb above. Reminds me of another artist who fiddled about as the country he was responsible for burned to the ground. We know the outcome of that empire.

Lennon’s legend continues in perpetuam. His music and ideals will live on forever, and those who sought, and continue to seek to castigate true expression, and stifle speech will hopefully one day be erased from the history books, leaving nothing to remind us of the opportunities that they had, and squandered. Imagine when that day comes!

© 2015 Stack Jones All Rights Reserved.

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